Innovation firstly goes through
our way of thinking

About Us

A point of reference, a new vision.

We are also able to provide assistance in order to improve the processes of management. We work on every area of  loss settlement with the aim of making a concrete contribution for the management, based on:

  • Entrepreneurial vision set to achieve operational and strategic goals
  • Tried and tested, ever-changing contents about process and technological innovation
  • Commitment to the transfer of know-how and competence
  • Excellence in the implementation of service



We want to drive INNOVATION. How? Providing a High Performance Service set to enhance the results of claims settlement of non-life insurance for our clients.


We want to fulfil a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE that goes beyond the expectations of the injured party.


We want to be PROBLEM SOLVING, thereby contributing significantly to achieve Management’s goals.


We want to create an exciting and passionate work environment, made up of valuable professionals.

Our approach

Concreteness, analysis and proximity.

We are conscious that every company is different and deals with the market by several techniques and instruments. We respect this uniqueness and face problems with the purpose to find solutions aiming to strengthen the competitive position pursued by our clients.
Our approach occurs on two major fronts: We begin from the concreteness of our Client’s operational needs. At the same time, we take into account the business strategy in order to include the claim management specific variables which determine and consolidate the success of the company.

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