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Business solutions

A real support, a true synergy in your business.

We offer our Clients a very wide range of solutions of claim management, from the individual process within a single product line, to the coverage of the biggest and hardest business operations. We know we can be a brilliant support for the (Insurance) Companies in their whole work process through the provision of services which demand a high level of competence, know-how, experience and devotion.
Our aim is to evaluate along with our Clients the solution that best fits their needs so as to provide a customised service which can be greatly specialised and strongly competitive on the market.

Process Analysis

Thanks to our intern knowledge base, we are able to completely analyse every business process that regards claim management. We believe that the key to success cannot be interpreted through the mere improvement of individual areas of the Company. Actually, the final goal is to attain a real synergy. Only then will our Clients see concrete advantages with their own eyes.

Business Platforms

Innovation and efficiency make our constant inspiration. Accordingly, we include the highest degree of technological quality in our processes. Our systems can interface with all IT platforms on the market. Furthermore we offer our solutions to the Clients who want to update theirs, keeping our choices in line with their operational necessities and business strategic goals.

Quality Control

Our offer is not only about preparatory and operational aspects of business process and systems. Indeed we are organised to stay with our Client in the following stages too, using advanced and extremely transparent quality control tools. This way we can value our contribution to a greater extent.

Data Analysis

It is our belief that data analysis and the endless research of processing models are necessary to improve operational tools, thereby creating value and enhancing competitiveness.
An internal area that is fully dedicated to Data Science (Data Mining, Big Data, Predictive Analysis, …) ensures an advanced support that is crucial for effectively managing the service provided and preventing insurance fraud.

Ethical code

The work of our company, along with the efforts of our associates is guided by respect for principles of moral, personal and professional integrity. We certainly recognise the Ethical Code of our Clients, whose principles complement our values.


A continuous improvement sounds like great professionalism.

Claim management outsourcing

The normal operation of claims management makes the heart of our work. On the basis of our hands-on experience, we spend a lot of time in the research and development of new methods that may improve the techniques to assess and settle claims, in terms of time and reliability.
The goal we set is an ongoing improvement of the service we provide and the promptness we perform, operating on the whole portfolio of claims or specific categories of claims.


Car insurance undergoes a competitive constraint that requires a constant search of solutions for improving the fundamentals of claim management: service level, cost management, efficiency of processes, thereby creating advantages that spread throughout the corporate system and actively contribute to its competitiveness.
Our efforts focus on several aspects of innovation in the fields of anti-fraud, settlement process – specifically with regard to Black Box claims, the management of Authority and Trustees Network.
Our peculiar scope of action and source of pride is the handling of injuries in the specific form of settlement and reimbursement, in synergy with our HEALTH DIVISION.


The safeguard of your house from the risks connected to the course of private and professional life represents a personal and social priority of present days. Our aim is to deliver an innovative service in this sphere by making use of advanced applications and devices, as well as a network of skilled adjusters that ensure the reliability of service and claim settlement.

Trustees Network Management

We have selected a network of outside contractors, including appraisers in every field, Medical Examiners and Investigators, that are proficient and qualified for handling every insurance claim. We deal first-hand with checking and promptly forwarding the documents to our partners in accordance with internal and legal timeline, the monitoring of the task and the review of the final report, prior to its submission to our Client.

Trustees Network Audit

We have transferred the management and control methods of our network into a platform for appraisal evolutions. In doing so, we make an audit platform available to our Clients, that may compare the profile of their own network performance to the optimal profile, thereby eliminating the auditor’s subjective evaluation.

Claim Technical Control

The Review of Provisions for Outstanding Claims, Closed File Review and Technical Audit are achieved on various (insurance) fields by a pool of expert partners that avail themselves of methodologies adapted to necessities and specific features of the Client.


We candidate ourselves as a reliable and proficient partner to manage Run-off claims.


Among our services, the training of adjusters is a flagship, due to the quality of the teaching staff, and most importantly the ability to make specific teaching methods available for every need, acting both on technical skills and behaviour of adjusters.

WIT Health Division

A winning technology, an user-centred approach.

We are committed to provide the User with the best service, along with quick reimbursements and an effective cost control. We exploit the opportunities put forward by technological innovation, the continuous improvement of business processes, qualified health professionals and access to the best health facilities.
Health and well-being of people are our focal point. They have made us move our operation from the simple management of a single claim to the handling of the health condition of an individual in time. As a result, we have an advanced facility that can offer high-quality service to Insurance Companies, Friendly Societies, Healthcare Funds and other Authorities working in the sphere of healthcare. This service is provided to manage all administration and settlement procedures along with the best care and support for your Insured part or Worker.

Health Centre

Our Centre has been thought to support every single Person and their health needs, thanks to a technical and medical staff specifically developed and managed by a team from the insurance sector, specialised in giving assistance to people and working for organisations that operate with insurance health division.
The medical staff comes from a team of experts that launched in Italy the business of “Managed Care” for the insurance industry. This is able to effectively manage every type of policy or contract of complementary health cover, both insurance-based and self-managed.
The use of specific software allows to constantly monitor the complex activities of managing and evaluating the paperwork, thereby ensuring a quick settlement.

Health facilities

WIT has put a remarkable focus on selecting and acquiring Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centres and other health facilities by means of specific quality protocols that allow to ensure a high service along with a greater fee reduction.
The main health institutions working in Italy belong to the Network of Health Facilities. They can provide highly technological and medical service and access to the best medical staffs.