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Our innovative solutions and methods are the result of a long experience in this field. We constantly monitor the quality and the duration of the processes, from analysis onwards

We manage single phases of the claims process or the entire process of outsourcing and we have a national network of motor and no motor experts. We deal with claims audit, run-off, technical training and data entries.

A specialised and technical and medical team is available to our clients and their insureds. Our Company is affiliated with the most important Italian health care centres

Process analyses

Our in-house knowledge base means that we can analyse all company claims handling  processes.

Operating platforms

Our systems interface with all IT platforms in the market.

Quality Control

Our offering transcends preparatory and operational aspects of corporate processes and systems. We also remain support clients in later stages, with state-of-the-art quality control tools and extreme transparency.

Data analysis

An in-house department exclusively focused on data science (data mining, big data, predictive analysis…) provides advanced support, essential for the effective handling of services and in the fight against insurance fraud.

Code of Conduct

All our operations are grounded in the principles of moral, personal and professional integrity. Our code of conduct seamlessly integrates with those of our clients.

We want to be trusted partners for your business

We provide an extensive range of claims handling solutions: from single processes in a single product line, to the most far-reaching and complex company operations.
Our clients know they can rely on excellent support along the entire process delivered thanks to services that require a high level of competence, know-how, experience and dedication.
The most suitable solution to single requirements is identified by means of shared research, culminating in a highly specialised tailored service that is extremely competitive on the market.


We provide a
state-of-the-art service

The best service, fast compensations and cost control seamlessly converge, culminating in a formula that leverages technological innovation and continuous operating process improvement, delivered by qualified health professionals and top health care centres.

Our dedication to individual health and welfare has inspired a shift from merely handling claims to striving for long-term individual health.

This is why our advanced organisation provides insurance Companies, mutual aid societies, private health insurance funds, bodies and providers with nothing but the best. This translates into the high-quality handling of all administrative and settlement matters, with the utmost attention and extensive support for policyholders and employees.

Medical area

Our team is structured to support individual healthcare requirements. Our technical and medical team effectively handles any kind of health policies or supplementary health care contracts

Specific software ensures the constant monitoring of the entire complex claims handling and assessment process to enable the rapid settlement of claims.

Case handling

We have developed the most advanced support service so that patients can fully recover and return to their daily routine and job with peace of mind.

Health facilities

We have applied a specific protocol to establish agreements with top clinics, diagnostic centres and healthcare facilities that provide innovative technologies and superlative services.

Power healthcare

Our highly innovative digital platform provides the best customer experience for patients. Web portals dedicated to policyholders can be customized and expanded to suit company needs.

Data analytics

In-house staff specialized in data analysis and the use of B.I. applications guarantees the constant monitoring of operations and the preparation of customizable reports. Our extensive report production and data extrapolation capabilities effectively supply analytics environments.

We are committed to providing the best handling, the most effective control and high level training

Outsourcing claims handling

Claims handling is at the heart of our business. We invest a lot of time in researching and developing new models that draw on experience in the field, to streamline and increase the reliability of claim assessment and settlement techniques. Our goal is to continuously improve our service offering and cut delivery times, by working on the entire claims portfolio or on specific business.

Our motor division is also entirely focused on seeking out the best process for the client’s specific needs. In-depth consultancy and analysis services ensure the selection of the best handling models. This also includes innovative artificial intelligence techniques.
We do not use pre-established models, but adaptable ones.
Because we too are committed to satisfying the end client.

Protecting the home from the risks of private and professional life is a personal and social priority of our times.
Our goal is to provide innovative services that enhance the client’s experience. Technical experts and qualified repair technicians are the backbone of this service.

Auditing of technical claims assessment

Claim reserve reviews, closed file reviews and technical audits are managed by a pool of experts with regard to different businesses, using methodologies appropriated to the needs and specific characteristics of the client.

A network of experts

We have selected a network of (outsourced experts no) professionals and experts proin order to handle each type of claim: motor and no motor experts , property experts, legal doctors, lawyers and investigators
We check the correctness and the completeness of the documents before sending to our expert, we promptly put in charge the professional in compliance with the internal and legal timing. We monitor the assignments and verify the final expertise before sending it

Expert network auditing

We have transferred the management and control of our network over to a platform for the reviewing of expert reports, creating an audit platform in which the performance of our network is compared with the optimal profile for the Company, eliminating the subjective element from audit evaluation.


Pro-active handling of run-off claim portfolios provided by insurance Companies.

Deductibles Recover

We recover deductibles from the insured.

Management of recourses

We act in the name and on behalf of insurance firms exercising their recourse rights against legally liable persons.


The quality of our trainers and the ability to deliver training in response to specific needs are key strengths of a complete offering that provides claim handlers with all the technical skills and methodology they need to excel.

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