Passion drives us every day
and boosts us ever higher

Trust is built gradually, hence we take charge of every stage, any of your problems.

Why choose us

Whichever need of your client, whether big or small, we will be by your side.

Because WIT is the ideal partner of any Insurance Company that wants to strategically improve their claim management, regardless of the type and scope of the action.
WIT can provide their own Clients with a professional and experienced support: from managing complex claims to defining a critical decision-making about the long-term direction.
From an operational view, we deal with all phases of claim management, so giving our Clients the opportunity to outsource their processes, in whole or in part. We can handle every kind of claim thanks to the high professionality of our staff, our trustees network and technological partners.
Our greatly experienced network of trustees is evenly spread in Italy and is specialised in every type of claim. They can promptly face every issue and draft a reliable appraisal.
Ultimately we work hard to transfer our know-how through advanced training courses, focusing the matter on single products or steps of the processes.


We know that the insurance industry is primarily based on trust between clients and the (Insurance) Company and our belief is that keeping this feeling high is critical for entrepreneurial success.
We really care for being called upon to represent Clients who worked very hard to create this sentiment towards the public through business efforts and investments. We feel ourselves bound to respect these decisions by all means, in order to prevent our Client’s reputation from being put at risk.
As a result, we firmly believe and are committed day by day to ensure the utmost integrity in doing our job, also with regard to the social and environmental respect.
Following this corporate philosophy – combined with our integrity and personal ethics – is crucial to preserve reliability and trust of our Clients, partners, employees and every stakeholder of the company.
Working in and safeguarding an environment of transparency is top priority for all of us, especially dealing with personal and highly classified information. This Code represents our will and obligation to work transparently and truthfully on all our relations and communications, thereby avoiding disrespectful actions towards the society and environment.
Our mission is to make sure everyone in the company follow this Code, from the management to each employee and partner.


We offer our Clients a very wide range of solutions of claim management, from the individual process within a single product line, to the coverage of the biggest and hardest business operations.


The core of our work is the normal operation of claim management. On the basis of our hands-on experience, we spend a lot of time in the research and development of new methods that may improve the techniques to assess and settle claims, in terms of time and reliability.


We believe that technological innovation, the continuous improvement of operational processes and the choice of the best health facilities are essential to provide the User with the highest service, along with a quick refund and an effective cost control.